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PMC Announces Capacity Expansion with New Line

Premier Material Concepts (PMC) has significantly increased its production capacity with a NEW state-of-the-art coextrusion line, designed to enhance its production flexibility to meet the needs of PMC’s growing business.

In 2011, PMC fired up “The Beast,” one of the largest sheet extruders in the country, to significantly increase capacity and expand the company’s production capabilities to produce one, two and three-ply sheet materials up to 120” wide. Now, with investments in new extrusion technology, PMC gets a big boost of production capacity to meet our growing customer demands.

This NEW extruder combination offers the versatility to produce a variety of multi-layer sheet products in a wide range of engineered materials such as ABS, TPO, acrylic and PC/ABS. It is also equipped with enhanced diagnostics and a quick roll change system to support the company’s commitment to fast order response times, allowing PMC to produce quality sheets with pinpoint accuracy.

“Our new line demonstrates PMC’s continued dedication to optimize our production efficiencies and offer the latest industry technology to meet the changing needs of our existing and new customers,” Vice President of PMC Products & Services Management Eric Hausserman said. “PMC looks forward to a strong and exciting 2015, as we continue to deliver quality products and solutions to our growing customer base.”

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