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Laserable (laser engraving)
Acrylic core materials with thin cap surfaces that can be easily engraved with minimal wattage at increased speeds. ABS materials are not recommended for lasering applications.
Rotary-Engravable (rotating carbide engraving)
This marking method uses a single or multiple fluted cutting tool which rotates through the work to remove material, leaving a trough of exposed core. As compared to diamond-drag, rotary engraving may result in deep cutting or the complete cutout of a letter or object. The cutter's tip size determines the width of the cut. In most applications, the spindle micrometer setting controls the depth of cut. This process is suitable for most commercial and industrial work. Unlike diamond-drag, rotary engraving is the only means of engraving plastic materials with controlled depth.
Indoor (interior signage)
Signage produced for indoor applications where UV stability and weather-ability are not required.
UV Stable (ultra-violet stability)
The ability of the engraving material to maintain its colorfastness in UV conditions for a limited period of time. Although colorfastness is a desirable condition, no man-made product will remain colorfast in an exterior environment indefinitely. Rowmark uses UV stable plastic resins and foils in many products to prolong the useful life of the material when used in exterior conditions.
Outdoor Weatherable
The ability of plastic engraving material to withstand exterior weathering conditions. Rowmark products designated as "outdoor weatherable" are designed to withstand average conditions and temperatures for up to 2 years without significant degradation. Although no specific life can be designated to any product, Rowmark recognizes that under normal conditions the material will not break down physically. Materials may become brittle and some discoloration or fading will occur when used in harsh environments or exposed for extended periods of time.
Reverse-Engravable (second surface)
Clear cap with microsurface or laminated core, machined from the reverse or backside of the material. Back-painting is a popular method of achieving contrast in color. (Example: Rowmark's Ultra-Mattes Reverse-Engravable)
Front-Engravable (first surface)
Multi-ply layered sheet material consisting of a laminated top piece over a base layer. The cap layer is engraved or lasered through to expose the core layer, thus providing a color contrast between cap and core.
Available in Gloss Finish
Available in 1/8" thickness
European Gold is not recommended for harsh or high humidity indoor or outdoor applications.